Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Miu Miu has teamed up with artist and filmmaker Miranda July to create a new app, Somebody, which allows you to send messages to friends and have them delivered, verbally, by a stranger nearby (who also has the app). I know, I know... you're thinking 'but when would I actually use that in the real world?' I was too, but then I watched July's quirky film to go with the app and suddenly this seems the way forward for all communication...
Perhaps wisely, the app comes with a series of 'official hotspots', where users are particularly encouraged to use it. These are mostly galleries so far (including Los Angeles Museum of Art, Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and The New Museum in New York), where one might expect something a bit unexpected to happen anyway or, if it's an opening, you might be a little bit drunk. Here's July's film though, which brings the app to life in entertaining fashion:(via)

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