Wednesday, June 5, 2013

File this in magical places to visit.
Agoshima - if this place has any surf - we’re headed. 
“Aogashima is a tropical volcanic island in the Philippine Sea, it is 3.5 km in length with a maximum width of 2.5 km. It is administered by Tokyo despite being located approximately 358 kilometres (222 mi) south of Tokyo. The caldera is occupied by a secondary cone named Maruyama. As of 2009 the island’s population was 205.
‘The history of human settlement on Aogashima is uncertain. Most of the people in Aogashima are Japanese. The island is mentioned in Edo period records kept at Hachijō-jima, which record volcanic activity in 1652, and from 1670-1680. An earthquake swarm in July 1780 was followed by steam rising from the lakes in the Ikenosawa Caldera. Further earthquakes in May 1781 led to an eruption. In April 1783, lava flows from the Maruyama cone resulted in the evacuation of all 63 households on the island. During a massive eruption in 1785, some 130-140 of the population of 327 islanders perished.’ - Wikipedia

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